Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

The Institute's Board of Trustees, which holds ultimate responsibility for the Institute's affairs, is led by an highly honored psychoanalyst Chair and generally meets quarterly.

The Institute's Advisory Council includes senior psychoanalysts distinguished by many years of excellence in their analytic work and their research, writing or teaching, and other experts, who offer the Institute their counsel as needed.


  • Gilbert W. Kliman MD
  • Michael Connolly LP, MPA, NCPsyA
    President & Executive Director
  • David M. Abrams PsyD
    Training Director
  • Ernest P. Smith LCSW-R
    Clinical Director
  • Thomas Wagner LPsyA, NCPsyA
  • Michael Salhani MA
    Treasurer & Development Director
  • Kim Arrington PsyD
  • Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey MDiv
  • Victor Bernstein PhD
  • Andrea Dixon LCSW-R
    Chair Emeritus
  • Lee Jenkins PhD
    Chair Emeritus
  • Rev. Sheila Johnson MPS
  • Kim Kleinman LCSW
  • Kealy Ny BA
  • Marjory Slobetz LCSW, BCD
  • Rev. Sulton Stack Jr. DMin
  • Simone Sternberg EdD, NCPsyA
  • Damon Young


  • Kirkland C. Vaughans, Honorary Dean, Harlem Family Institute Kirkland C. Vaughans PhD
    Institute Honorary Dean
  • C. Jama Adams PhD (Psychology)
  • Neil Altman PhD
  • Anni Bergman PhD
  • Christopher Bollas PhD
  • Emory Brooks LCSW
  • Phyllis Cohen PhD (Psychology)
  • Robert Coles MD
    Founding Trustee
  • James Comer MD
  • Paul C. Cooper LP, NCPsyA
  • Howard Dodson
  • Asher Edelman BA
  • Michael Eigen PhD
  • Harry Fogarty PhD
  • Gerald J. Gargiulo PhD, LP
  • Edmund. W. Gordon PhD
  • Stephen Kurtz LCSW
    Institute founder
  • Merle Molofsky LP, NCPsyA
  • Dolores O. Morris PhD
  • Felecia Powell-Williams EdD
  • Alan Roland PhD
  • Beverly J. Stoute MD
  • Ann B. Ulanov PhD
  • Paul Wachtel PhD
  • Allen Bergson PhD, LCSW
  • L. Bryce Boyer MD
  • Peter L. Giovacchini MD
  • James Grotstein MD
  • Margaret Morgan Lawrence MD
    Institute Founding Trustee
    Nation's first African American female pediatrician
    Nation's first African American female psychoanalyst
  • Esther Menaker PhD
  • Jule Miller MD
  • Martin Schulman PhD
  • Cherryetta Williams CASAC, LP, LMHC

Trustees are elected by the board to three-year terms on a staggered basis, one third facing re-election every year. The Institute's students are able to elect one representative to the board each year for a one-year term. The Institute's officers face re-election for their posts every year.

The Institute's operations are authorized by a charter granted by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, on behalf of the Education Department of the State of New York.

The board of trustees' activities are further governed by the Institute's bylaws and its conflict-of-interest policy.