Ernest P. Smith MS, LCSW-R, Clinical Director

Ernest P. Smith, faculty of the Harlem Family Institute

People seek psychotherapy for different reasons. Sometimes they want to solve a specific problem produced by difficult circumstances; sometimes they want relief from feelings of general unhappiness and anxiety; other times they want to make a change, to feel less stuck, less depressed and more hopeful.

Asking for help is the first important step. It gives substance to our desire for change and makes concrete our wish to feel better. This very act of asking says that we feel entitled to support and serious consideration.

I am a compassionate listener who identifies hidden barriers to effective communication, personal growth and genuine trust. I tailor this approach to the needs, interests and concerns of each patient. The techniques used in this process include psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches. This is especially important with couples' therapy.

I respect the autonomy, and intelligence of the individual. When you know your personal resources, you can make informed decisions about your future. If you decide to reach out for a consultation I much prefer a telephone call to an email. Voice communication signals a readiness to begin.


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