Psychotherapy is done in the overlap of the two play areas, that of the patient and that of the therapist.

Donald Woods Winnicott MD

Playing & Reality

HFI Society

Graduates of the Institute who have a Certificate in Psychoanalysis are eligible to join the Institute’s Society of Graduates as full members.

The Society is intended both to represent the interests of graduates and to help support the Institute.

Each year, full members of the Society elect by secret ballot for two-year terms half the members of a four-member advisory committee, which then elects its own officers every year.

The advisory committee is a committee of the Institute that advises the Institute and its board of trustees and works with the Institute’s alumni-affairs coordinator. The coordinator is automatically a fifth member of the committee, if he or she isn’t already an elected member of the committee.

Graduates of the Institute who have received a certificate in psychotherapy or psychoanalytic psychotherapy are eligible to join the society as non-voting affiliate members. The Institute is eager to help such graduates meet the program requirements to receive a full Certificate in Psychoanalysis.

Alumni Affairs Coordinators

Heather Christensen LCSW, RPT-S
Alumni-Affairs Coordinator

212-920-7965, Extn. 7

Rev. Theodor "Ted" Parker MA, MS
Alumni-Affairs Coordinator



Supporting the Institute

If you're a Harlem Family alumnus and would like to support the Institute's work financially, please contact us so we can discuss the best form for your assistance.

The Institute can arrange weekly, monthly or annual contributions and can help fashion legacy giving from you.

Equally, if you can help us locate foundations or other organizations or individuals who might be interested to support the Institute's work, please let us know.
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The Institute is eager to continue to create and maintain community among alumni and would like to gather and share information about the activities and accomplishments of our graduates. Graduates can help by sending us updates.

The Institute will in future make this information available to all involved with the Institute, along with a private webpage where alumni can connect with each other and with all those currently involved with the Institute.

These moves will help alumni build a referral network. It will also help us to learn and broadcast the achievements of alumni and offer a vehicle for them to mentor current trainees.