Here are some testimonials about the Institute and the impact of its training programs and therapeutic work from current or former trainees, school administrators and Institute trustees.

"Simply changing children's behavior should not be the goal of therapy. With the invaluable help of HFI, we want to be building hearts and minds!"
Julie Zuckerman
Former Principal of the Castle Bridge School and Central Park East 1, who has drawn upon our services for well over a decade. She notes that children and parents are eager to work with HFI therapists and points out the unique nature of the in-depth, long-term work we do.

"HFI is a great resource for children and families in schools. I had an incredibly experience with the therapists and their support and counseling for children in need while I worked as a teacher in East Harlem."
Cordelia Lara Castillo

"HFI’s ethos and unique mission affirmed for me that no one’s suffering should be ignored. I am grateful for the exceptional clinical experience and the excellent, inclusive training I received.”
Pilar Jennings Ph.D.
Licensed psychoanalyst and HFI graduate

"This institute will breathe new life into the psychoanalytic movement... A place where visionary men and women can learn in freedom."
Robert Coles M.D.
A HFI founding trustee and present HFI Advisory Board member

"There are great strengths in the people of Harlem; strengths passed from generation to generation despite deep suffering. This Institute will teach new therapists to recognize those strengths, and build on them toward a growing capacity for love."
Margaret Morgan Lawrence M.D.
A founding and continuing HFI trustee until her death in 2019.
Distinguished pediatrician, child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

"The Harlem Family Institute has re-energized an elapsed tradition in psychoanalytic history, namely therapeutic services to children and families in poverty and low-income neighborhoods. Our school-based, clinical outreach is founded on the living human curriculum—a creative training experience that encourages diversity, connection, and long-term preventive care in the Harlem community."
Claude Barbre Ph.D.
Former executive director

"Our community's appreciation can readily be noted. All you have to do is observe the expression on a child's face as she/he eagerly walks alongside their 'person', ready for their special time. Or see the hope growing in the hearts and minds of their teachers and parents who realize that positive possibilities have increased for their most vulnerable child/student."
Sid Massey
Former assistant principal / director, River East Elementary School

"My training at HFI was definitely life-changing. While it was academically stimulating, it is the idea of working with a population that otherwise would never be exposed to psychoanalytic work that is revolutionary. My classmates used to joke that we were like therapists without borders."
Ines Gonzalez
Former HFI trustee and graduate

"I chose to train at HFI because it was a unique opportunity for me to study and sharpen my clinical skills while giving something back to the New York community."
HFI graduate

"I enjoy empowering people to become independent and being able to see a sense of self accomplishment. The Harlem Family Institute feels like the place to develop my skills, and give back to the community that gave me so much."
Margaret Giles
Former HFI trainee

"Particular aspects of being a jazz pianist and music teacher spoke to my initial decision to turn toward social work, and particularly with children. There was the sence of intimate collabortion. There was the belief that I was playing and teaching to heal others."
Rebecca Kane
HFI graduate

"Psychoanalytic psychotherapy has always been a goal of mine, and at HFI the opportunity has finally arrived that affords me a chance to pursue this goal, and also benefit in empowering individuals within the community that I serve."
Annette Rochester
HFI graduate


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The Institute traditionally derives its income from foundations, individual contributors, partner organizations that host its clinical-treatment centers, and its students.

Though the Institute is working to increase its revenue from the schools and community organizations that host its clinical-treatment centers, it is also eager to expand its financial support from foundations and individual donors.

To this end, it is working to lift its public profile and is seeking to develop relationships at all levels to increase its financial support.

It is interested in partnering with organizations or individuals who can help it achieve its goals and is preparing products for individuals to encourage them to donate or bequeath funds.

If you would like to work with us to support the Institute's mission, please contact us.

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If you operate a school, community-based organization or house of worship in New York City and would like to host a clinical-treatment site for which you can offer us some space and modest funding so we can work with your community, please contact us at Harlem Family.

Despite the Institute's name, its charter authorizes it to offer services anywhere in New York City, though its mission is to focus most on underserved neighborhoods where the unmet needs are greatest.

The Institute is eager to be of service in all boroughs and wherever there is a need.

It is interested in developing relationships with organizations that can provide it with some space and modest funding to support an Institute treatment and training site, allowing us to take psychoanalytic work out to the community.

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